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Italian Manufacturers of Excellence

  • PROMOVENT- “Express” technology for hotels and communities

    Thanks to its versatile designs, Promovent has developed a catalogue of machines to meet all needs, offering a range of technical solutions for diverse market sectors A comprehensive and evolving range of automatic machinery for the distribution of beverages... leggi

  • EXTRAVEGA - Craftmanship and technology give shape to unique projects

    This company manufactures handmade quality products through a high-technology batch production process, using exclusive finishing made on stainless steel, brass, bronze, Corten steel, aluminium, titanium, glass and wood.... leggi

  • DALTECH - Creating bacteria to improve our environment and protect our health

    Daltech formulates and produces biological activators and odour neutralisers, used to clean water and treat industrial, livestock and civilian waste Daltech’s latest innovations include MasterBioCH4, mixture of bacteria created to optimise the production of biogas... leggi

  • Lsi-Lastem

    The highest weather monitoring station in the world is on Mount Everest, just a few steps from the top. It was designed and developed by Lsi-Lastem... leggi

  • ODL - Light modifiers for lighting excellence

    ODL developed new processes for the treatment of LED light source components even when increasingly common plastic materials, such as polymethyl methacrylate and polycarbonate, are used. The latest step in ODL's expansion plan occurred in the Brazilian subcontinent,... leggi

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